Buying A Lacrosse Stick

choosing a lacrosse stick



What to consider when building your Lacrosse Stick.

Buying Guide: Lacrosse Sticks

A lacrosse stick or crosse is a player’s most important piece of equipment. It is imperative that every player chooses the right lacrosse stick for them. The three main components to every lacrosse stick are shaft, head, and pocket.

Lacrosse Sticks By Position

Player position will determine the majority of lacrosse stick characteristics. Attack and Midfield players use a 30" shaft, Defensive players use a 60" Shaft, and Goalies use a 40” shaft. All are paired with a standard head, strung with either traditional or mesh pocket.

In general, Attack and offensive minded midfield players prefer a narrow, more pinched head helping with ball control and shooting accuracy. Defensive players and D-minded midfield players will lean toward a wider, stronger head for breaking down passing lanes, easier ground balls and aggressive stick checks.

Pocket type on a lacrosse stick is all player preference.

How To Choose A Lacrosse Stick
How To Choose A Lacrosse Stick

Lacrosse Shaft Material

Although there are several types of legal lacrosse shaft materials on the market, the majority of modern players use either Alloy or Composite shafts on their lacrosse stick. Different shafts have varied levels of weight, durability, and flex. Finding the right balance and feel is important. Learn more about Boombah’s carbon fiber composite shaft here.

Lacrosse Stick Heads

You can currently buy specific heads for high school or NCAA lacrosse; but the most popular option is Universal Specification or U Spec heads. These are legal for all levels of play including youth, high school, and collegiate.

Learn more about Boombah’s U Spec Compressor head here.

After picking up your shaft and head, the last piece to complete your lacrosse stick is the pocket. Boombah offers a Premium Semi-Soft Mesh kit providing a softer pocket with increased ball feel as well as a Traditional Hard Mesh kit for a stiffer more concentrated pocket.

How To Choose A Lacrosse Stick

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